Not only…but also 連詞結構的用法及例句

“Not only…but also” 是一個常用的連詞結構,表示不僅…而且…,可以用於連接兩個相似或相反的想法,強調它們的重要性或關聯性。

下面是一些使用 “not only…but also” 的例句:

  • Not only did she win the competition, but she also broke the record. 她不僅贏得了比賽,而且還打破了紀錄。
  • The restaurant not only serves delicious food, but also offers great service. 這家餐廳不僅提供美味的食物,而且還提供優質的服務。
  • Not only is exercise good for your physical health, but it also improves your mental wellbeing. 運動不僅有益於身體健康,而且還改善了心理健康。
  • The new policy not only benefits the employees, but also helps the company save money. 新政策不僅使員工受益,而且還幫助公司節省了錢。
  • Not only did he lose his job, but he also lost his house and his savings. 他不僅失去了工作,而且還失去了房子和儲蓄。
  • Learning a new language not only expands your horizons, but also opens up new career opportunities. 學習一門新語言不僅拓展了你的視野,而且還開啟了新的職業機會。
  • The museum not only showcases beautiful artwork, but also provides educational programs for children. 這個博物館不僅展示了美麗的藝術品,而且還為兒童提供了教育計劃。
  • Not only did the storm cause flooding, but it also knocked down trees and power lines. 這場暴風雨不僅導致洪水,而且還擊倒了樹木和電線。
  • The book not only entertains readers, but also offers valuable insights into human nature. 這本書不僅娛樂讀者,而且還提供了有價值的人性洞察。
  • Not only did he apologize for his mistake, but he also took steps to make things right. 他不僅為自己的錯誤道歉,而且還採取措施糾正錯誤。

希望這些例句能夠幫助您更好地理解如何使用 “not only…but also”。


“Not only…but also”用法

“Not only…but also” 是一個用來表達兩個事物之間關聯性的連詞結構。該結構中,第一個部分通常用於引出一個事實,而第二個部分則用於加強這個事實,同時表達出第一個部分未能提到的其他方面。

使用 “not only…but also” 可以使得文章更加清晰和有力,強調兩個事物之間的聯繫和重要性。在使用該結構時,需要注意以下幾點:

語法:在使用 “not only…but also” 時,需要將兩個部分放在同一句子中,中間用逗號隔開。例如:Not only did he win the game, but he also broke the record.

詞序:在 “not only…but also” 結構中,第一個部分通常以否定形式出現,因此需要將動詞提前。例如:Not only did he win the game, but he also broke the record.

平衡:在使用 “not only…but also” 時,需要保持兩個部分的平衡。這意味著兩個部分需要在程度或強度上相似或相反。例如:Not only is he talented, but he is also hardworking.


以下是更多例句,以幫助您更好地理解如何使用 “not only…but also”:

  • Not only does exercise improve physical health, but it also reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. 運動不僅能改善身體健康,還能減少憂鬱和焦慮的風險。
  • Not only did she win the race, but she also set a new personal best time. 她不僅贏得了比賽,而且還創造了新的個人最佳成績。
  • Not only do they sell coffee, but they also serve sandwiches and pastries. 他們不僅出售咖啡,還提供三明治和糕點。
  • Not only did the hurricane destroy homes and businesses, but it also caused widespread power outages. 颶風不僅破壞了住宅和商業,還導致廣泛的停電。
  • Not only does volunteering help others, but it also has many personal benefits such as reducing stress and increasing happiness. 志願服務不僅能幫助他人,還有許多個人好處,如減輕壓力和增加幸福感。
  • Not only did she study hard, but she also had a natural talent for languages. 她不僅學習刻苦,而且還天生擅長語言。
  • Not only does he have an impressive resume, but he also has glowing references from former employers. 他不僅有令人印象深刻的履歷,而且還有前僱主的讚譽。
  • Not only did the movie receive critical acclaim, but it also broke box office records. 這部電影不僅受到影評人的好評,而且還打破了票房紀錄。
  • Not only does meditation help reduce stress, but it also improves focus and concentration. 冥想不僅有助於減輕壓力,還能提高注意力和集中力。
  • Not only did he donate money to the charity, but he also volunteered his time to help with their events. 他不僅捐錢給慈善機構,還自願為他們的活動提供幫助。
  • Not only is the new phone faster, but it also has a longer battery life. 新手機不僅更快,而且電池壽命更長。
  • Not only did the new policy increase productivity, but it also improved employee morale. 新政策不僅提高了生產力,而且還改善了員工士氣。
  • Not only does reading improve vocabulary and comprehension, but it also reduces stress and anxiety. 閱讀不僅能提高詞彙和理解能力,還能減輕壓力和焦慮。
  • Not only did the restaurant serve delicious food, but it also had a cozy atmosphere. 這家餐廳不僅提供美味的食物,而且還有舒適的氛圍。
  • Not only did the new car have advanced safety features, but it also had a sleek design. 新車不僅有先進的安全功能,而且還有流暢的設計。

希望以上例句可以幫助您更好地理解如何使用 “not only…but also”,並且在您的文章中使用此結構使文章更有力和清晰。